Can’t look down! Man walks world’s longest slackline – while wearing a blindfold

Aidan Williams/Caters News

This daredevil found a unique way to deal with any vertigo brought on by completing the world’s longest slackline – he completed the whole walk while wearing a BLINDFOLD.

Samuel Vloery, 33, was named a world record holder after tiptoeing over the 570m long slackline, whilst blindfolded, 200m in the air – despite thinking he’d finished the walk when he was still 30m from dry land.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

Samuel was photographed walking across the slackline, which was steched acros water in Zakinthos, Greece, with a blue bandana covering his eyes.

Despite being unable to see how far he was from the end, Samuel was able to count his steps and only took 45 minutes to complete the task.

Samuel, from Switzerland, said: “Being blindfolded makes walking a slackline very difficult.

“The eye gives you good reference points for your balance – so you take one balancing system away.

“At the same time it gives you the option to concentrate more on the other feelings.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

“On this walk I counted my steps, I know more or less how big my steps are – 3 steps per metre.

“When I thought that the line was almost over and I wanted to sit down, I started celebrating, before my friends at the anchor points saw that and told me the walk wasn’t over.

“So I had to start concentrating again as I had to walk another 30 metres.”

Samuel came up with the idea to compete for the world record title, after having completed other similar slacklines in the past.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

He added: “It was a spontaneous idea, just because the line suddenly seemed to be so easy to walk with open eyes.

“It can be really meditative to walk blind as you just have to concentrate on your movements and on the movements of the line.

“It’s definitely more difficult blind though, but it’s good training for ‘normal’ walking with open eyes.”

Photographer Aidan Williams, 21, captured these stomach churning photographs.

Aidan added: “I was stoked for him to complete this challenge and achieve another milestone.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

“There were never any moments that I thought Sam was going to fall, because he is the ultimate professional.

“If I had to back anyone to walk it blindfolded, it would have been him – I have only seen him fall whilst doing tricks or purposely sitting down on the line.

“It was amazing to see him complete the slackline, as you can see in the final few pictures of Sam he’s elated and he deserved it!

“Once completing the distance Sam was blinded by the light, like a man seeing for the first time – his body was relaxed, yet his emotions told it all as he began to punch the air.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

“As he dismounted the line there were many high fives, big hugs and kisses – he shared his joy and excitement with everyone as he always does!”