Bull racing isn’t just dangerous – its mucky!

PIC BY Claudio Sieber / CATES NEWS 

These jockeys show bull racing isn’t only dangerous – but it’s also dirty work.

The riders can be seen holding onto the reigns of their racers and being dragged through the mud at full-pelt.

The races are part of ‘Pacu Jawi’ festival, where jockeys race their bulls against each other in competition.

 PIC BY Claudio Sieber / CATES NEWS

Claudio Sieber caught the races in Padang Luar village, Indonesia, on camera.

Claudio said: “Each jockey balances barefoot on a pair of wooden plow tools called Papik, which both are loosely tightened to the humpback of each bull.

“As the bulls are just tied together with thin rope, it makes it difficult to keep them heading in the same direction, this is why grabbing their tails comes in handy – like a steering wheel.

PIC BY Claudio Sieber / CATES NEWS 

“If they jockey remains within the 80-meter long course and is able to cross with full speed, he could possibly be a winner.

“I tried to capture the thrill of this rustic race, not least to show a contrast to commercial sports with overpaid players which usually gain all the attention.”