Breathtaking images of intrepid free divers swimming into school of parrot fish

An intrepid photographer took these breathtaking pictures of the moment her free-diving friends swam into a massive school of parrot fish.

Lilly Palmer, from Dampier in Western Australia, took the jaw-dropping images while swimming at Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef in the state.

Pic By Lilly Palmer/ CATERS NEWS

The 21-year-old and her pals came across the group of parrot fish in shallow water during a boat trip.

Lilly said: “Some friends and I took a boat out and we came across this ball of schooling parrot fish in shallow, clear water.

“I took all of these photos of my friends swimming through the fish.

‘We were free-diving with the fish.

Pic By Lilly Palmer/ CATERS NEWS

“It was very amazing to see these fish ball up and swim around you when you dive through them.

“The beautiful colours of the fish against the blue water and white sand made it look so beautiful.

“It was also exciting to have the fish completely surround you and even block out the sun as they swam above you so you couldn’t see the sky when you were down there.”

Lilly, who works as a snorkel guide on tour boats, said she has been free diving, snorkelling and scuba diving since the age of 15 and said the experience wasn’t dangerous at all.

Pic By Lilly Palmer/ CATERS NEWS

She added: “It was just us and the fish. It’s not dangerous at all.

“Even if there were sharks preying on these fish which there sometimes is, it still would not have been dangerous and we would have still gotten in to swim with them.”