Brave videographer experiences apocalyptic dust storm firsthand, capturing footage straight from an action movie

This apocalyptic footage looks to be straight out of an action movie, as one bold videographer decided to capture what it’s like to be caught in a violent DUST STORM firsthand.

Atop of his roof in Toba Teja Singh, Pakistan, Muhammad Noman Afzal bravely stood with his GoPro as the storm moved ever closer, darkening the sky with every second.

Eventually engulfing Muhammad, 23, and the surrounding areas, nearby buildings are barely visible in the video, while the sky turns a deep shade of orange.

Accompanying the dust-filled sky, winds shook the nearby trees and poles – a change in conditions that actually resulted in Muhammad needing to be present when the storm hit.

Initially, the artist had planned to leave his GoPro on the roof during the storm, but as the winds became more aggressive, he felt the need to remain with his camera, keeping it stable.


Muhammad, who shot the moment on June 20, 2018, said: “People in my area mostly don’t go out in these kinds of storms.

“I wanted to see the phenomenon and film it, as I love to explore.

“I was happy to capture this and when I showed it to my friends and family they were amazed, as they never tried to see such a stormcoming – they always run to close windows and doors, to save their homes from dust.

“It was both adventurous and terrifying to be on the roof, especially when you see something new and you’re physically interacting with it.

“This footage inspired me to explore more similarly-ignored extreme weather conditions, and I am planning to go out and film every time I see such a phenomenon.”

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