Boogie water-land! Incredible video shows underwater disco

A group of divers made waves after getting together for an underwater disco.

The miraculous video was captured off the coast of Bali, by Adam Stern, and shows dozens of divers throwing their shapes on the underwater dancefloor, complete with its very own disco ball.

Adam said: “This year we had 140 free divers in the water all at once, which is an unofficially record for the most people free diving at one time.

“During the week we train, run workshops and do a lot of fun diving on the reef and wrecks in the area.

PIC FROM Caters News

“This time one of our instructors, Harry Webber, brought a disco ball to the USAT Liberty wreck and had everyone dive down to 10 metres and dance around the disco ball.”

In some of the shots, the divers can be seen trying to do all manner of moves before ascending to the surface for a well earned breath of fresh air.