Beauty and destruction. Storm chaser and 14-year-old son capture rare images showing the amazing contrast between a tornado and a rainbow

This is the unbelievable moment two very different sides of nature were captured in one picture – a vibrant rainbow next to a turbulent tornado.

While it’s not uncommon to see a rainbow after a storm, to see both together is very rare and this lucky sighting was caught on camera by storm-chaser and paramedic Jason Blum, 43, who had travelled 900 miles in the hope of seeing a storm.

Chase - Jason's 14 yo son

Chase taking a picture of the tornado

Incredibly, the self-taught meteorologist was also accompanied by his 14-year-old son, fittingly named Chase.

It was the first time the teen had joined his father during his adrenaline pumping hobby.


(L) The incredible image captured by father and son & (R) Chase, 14

The pair were cautious despite only being about half a mile away from the tornado, which struck in Eads, Colorado on May 9th 2015.

Having seen the destruction storms can cause first hand through his job and having ten years storm chasing experience under his belt, Jason was careful to ensure keep himself and his son safe.

Jason said: “What I love about storms is their power.


Clash of nature

“The first time I ever chased, a tornado formed right in front of us. In less than a minute, a relatively small supercell grew into this monster funnel, and the wind intensified until it was so loud we could barely hear ourselves shouting.

And there it was, the Holy Grail of storm-chasers – a tornado – I was instantly hooked.

“Some storms are much safer to chase than others, provided you have an understanding of their structure and behaviour.

Jason and Chase stormchasing

Chase snapping a picture of him with his dad

“They can definitely be unpredictable though, so it’s important to never underestimate them.

“Several well-known and very knowledgeable chasers were killed recently because a tornado suddenly grew to a massive size, which closed the distance between them and it.

“We’ve been hit by one before, and had several close calls, so there is absolutely some risk involved.

“There are the purists who appreciate the science and who stay at very safe distances, there are the adrenaline junkies who know little or nothing about the science and who just want to go viral on YouTube and then there are those of us somewhere in the middle.


The tornado gaining momentum

“My motivation is to get the photos and I’m willing to take some chances but I do have a family, so there is a line which I won’t intentionally cross.

“This was a unique chase because it was my son’s first time accompanying me. He wanted to tag along and really hit the jackpot with what he saw.

“As a paramedic, I’ve also responded to quite a few tornado disasters and mass casualties, including the infamous Joplin tornado.


Dangerously close to a house

“I was one of the first to arrive on-scene after the massive EF5 tornado travelled right through the middle of town, killing 159 people and destroying everything in its path, including thousands of homes and business, and a large hospital.

“Tornadoes are incredible and can be beautiful to behold but they can also turn into deadly monsters with just a slight turn in direction, or just by staying on the ground a minute too long. I’ve seen both extremes.”