Beautiful photography series looks to show the artistic side of Hawaii’s volcano eruption

These beautiful images look to show the more artistic side of Hawaii’s recent volcano eruption, with it highlighting the shear power of Mother Nature and the act of creating new land.

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters

Photographer CJ Kale’s breathtaking works show the molten lava in incredible vibrancy, be it bursting from the ground in firework-like fashion, or pouring into the surrounding waters, causing steam to rise.

In others, the lava can be seen taking with it the likes of street signs and the natural surroundings.

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters

CJ, 41, who is from Hawaii, USA, said: “I have chose to show the beauty of the volcano and try to convey that even though this is a destructive event  it is a beautiful event.

“Here in Hawaii, the volcano is embodied in the legend of the fire goddess Pele.

“She is a depicted as a woman because of her beauty and destructive fiery temper.

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters

“I wish to focus on the beauty of the fire goddess and show how even though she destroys she leaves more than she takes.

“And there is beauty in this creation.”

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island erupted on May 3, 2018, continuing to send lava over the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters

Whether in the air or on the ground, all images CJ took were shot in between helping people evacuate the surrounding areas or putting out fires in their homes as lava bombs crashed through their roofs.

Since the eruption, CJ has seen friends evacuated and even his mother lost her home in Kapho – yet he still sees the beauty in the creation of new land.

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters

He added: “It may have taken from me a beautiful place I love, but it will leave even more beauty for my children and grandchildren to explore and enjoy.

“I am filled with sadness and joy at the same time this is the duality that is the volcano.”

Pic by CJ Kale / Caters