Beautiful Britain! Photographer spends two years touring UK’s coastline to produce a magical series of images!

Pic by Alessio Putzu/Caters News

Who knew the British seaside could be so beautiful?

It’s difficult to believe the all of these stunning coastal photographs were taken in Blighty.

They’re about as far away from a drizzly day on the beach at Blackpool as you can imagine – but one Italian photographer was so taken aback with the beauty of Britain’s coastline that he made it his mission to photograph it all.

Alessio Putzu, 28, has spent two years touring the UK’s coastline to capture the most magnificent scenery – and has snapped still seas and crashing waves everywhere from Cornwall to the Highlands, and Northumbria to The Mumbles, Wales.

Pic by Alessio Putzu/Caters News

Alessio, who now lives in London, said: “I first came to the UK just to visit, and I brought my camera with me.

“But I soon realised that it is one of the most spectacular countries in the world to take these kind of pictures.

“It took me a long time to get all the way round the UK coastline, I usually planned my trips to take two or three days at a time – but I had to take longer if I needed to go to Scotland.

Pic by Alessio Putzu/Caters News

“It takes careful planning so I know what the weather will be like on each trip.

“My pictures range over from South Cornwall to North Scotland on Skye, passing by Devon and Dorset through South and North Wales, going up to Lake District and crossing to Northumberland.

“I really love to travel because it makes me feel as though I’m really living my life to the fullest. Every day is full of adventure and discovering, and at the end of the day I go to sleep with an huge smile on my face.

“I’m aware that my project can’t be completed without Northern Ireland, so I’m now planning my next trip there.”

Pic by Alessio Putzu/Caters News