Bathing baby elephant floats over city in amazing cloud photo

Tan Tai Hui/Caters News

A pedestrian was stunned to look up and see a baby elephant in the sky.

Retired Tan Tai Hui, 65, was taking a stroll around his local park in Kuala Lumpur when he discovered he was walking in the shadow of an elephant-shaped cloud.

An incredibly detailed cloud resembling a baby elephant in a bath waving its trunk was caught on camera from the ground below.

Tan said: “I was at the park taking a normal walk and I couldn’t believe how much a cloud looked like an elephant.

McGuire/Caters News

“My first thought was that the cloud elephant was having a fun bubble bath, waving its trunk about in happiness.

“I don’t know what it is but something about it makes me think it’s a young calf as opposed to a grown up elephant- probably because it looks quite lively.

“I’ve never seen a cloud like it.”