Bat-solutely stunning: New wildlife photography shows bats on the hunt

A wildlife photographer has captured a stunning collection of bats on the hunt.

South African-born, photographic tour specialist, Wim Van Den Heever, 46, snapped the selection while on a month-long tour in Pantanal, Brazil.

Pic by Wim van den Heever/Caters News

He said the unusual images of the fishing bats’ wings skimming the water while they fished for their prey were his hardest to shoot.

Wim said: “In these images, you can see fishing bats flying around and hunting off the river surface.

Pic by Wim van den Heever/Caters News

“The image of the bat‘s wing skimming the water is my favourite, because it is really unique and showcases their behaviour.

“It was exceptionally difficult to capture and I was really pleased when I pulled it off.”

Pic by Wim van den Heever/Caters News

Wim and his team travel to a collection of different counties to photograph wildlife and landscapes, but are mainly based in South Africa.

Wim said: “Seeing these bats fishing is a common sight in the Pantanal.

“But it is not that easy to capture the behaviour in a photograph.”