Award-winning candid wedding shots capture the beautiful raw emotion of brides and grooms on their big day 

This series of award-winning wedding pictures capture the raw emotion felt by brides and grooms around the world on their big day.

Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Cromatica Photography/Caters News


Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Jacques-Mateos/Caters News


The beautifully candid snaps capture everything from a groom with teary, bloodshot eyes as he sees his wife-to-be for the first time to a bride looking nervously out of the car window as she takes a deep breath and prepares to walk up the aisle.

The collection of images have been taken by a host of photographers from around the world have been brought together by UK-based company, Wedding Photography Select (WPS).


Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Fabio Azanha/Caters News

Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Jansen Cavalcante/Caters News

WPS showcases the best wedding photographers around the world – holding six Excellence Awards competitions each year – with  thousands of images being submitted and judged.

These emotional pictures are just some of less than five per cent that have received a prestigious award.

Darius Sutherland, founder of Wedding Photography Select said: “Each of these beautiful moments captures the high emotions of a wedding day, from tears of joy to tears of laughter.

Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Jansen-Cavalcante/Caters News

Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Gleicy Assis/Caters News

“These moments can be shared with children and grandchildren and cherished forever.

“Great wedding photographers are always in the right place at the right time waiting for every perfect and fleeting moment that tells the story of a wedding.


Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Rino Cordella/Caters News

Pic from Wedding Photography Select/Ken Pak US/Caters News

“We don’t just give these awards away, and with each collection the standard gets higher and higher.

“These are the best images in the world and the best wedding photographers are behind them.”