Awaiting her fate: Incredible pictures show forgotten ship, built in the UK, which was abandoned when company went bust

These incredible pictures show a UK-built ship which has been abandoned following her last voyage more than 20 years ago when the owners ran into financial trouble.

The atmospheric shots, taking using a drone, show the vessel, called Mediterranean Sky, awaiting her fate in Eleusus Bay, near Athens in Greece.


The ship, formerly known as the City of York, was built in 1952 in Newcastle, England.

The Cruise liner left London in November 1953, and was in use until it was sold to Michael A. Karageorgis, Piraeus in 1971, when she became the Mediterranean Sky.

Her last voyage was in August 1996, when she sailed from Brindisi to Patras.

Due to the companies’ financial situation, the ship was arrested in 1997 and remained in Patras until 1999, when she was towed to Eleusis and abandoned.


Three years later in 2002, she began to take on water and was towed to shallow water and grounded in a bid to stop her sinking.

In January 2003 the boat keeled over on her side in Eleusus Bay and she remains there until this day awaiting her fate.

Photographer, Andrey Rodionov, from Moscow, captured these atmospheric pictures while driving along the sea front on his way to the airport.

The 40-year-old used a drone to get outstanding views of the vessel and said he was surprised to see the ship not far from the road.


He said: “When you drive along the sea you can see the ship at once.

“First I noticed a fence and didn’t know if I was allowed to get closer. But then I saw a group of fishermen going straight towards the ship and so I decided to get closer too.

“I love abandoned places and ships and when I travel I always search in internet to see if there is something interesting there.

“There are a lot of shipwrecks in Greece but they are mostly pretty far away from the capital.

“This was close so I could drive before my flight to Moscow.”