Australian couple take the plunge with haunting real life ‘Lady of the lake’ underwater fashion shoot

An Australian couple has taken underwater photography to new depths with this haunting real life ‘Lady of the Lake’ fashion shoot

Instead of shooting in studios or catwalks, Sylvia , 49, and Brad Liber, 57, do things differently by capturing their subjects freediving under the sea.

And their series, Underwater Playground, shot in waters around their hometown of Wollongong, NSW, with stunning female models, evokes the British medieval legend of Sir Lancelot’s foster-mother.

The couple first began dipping their toes in the unique style of portraiture after Brad, an ocean lifestyle photographer, shot Sylvia, a press photographer, underwater.

PIC FROM Brad Liber / Caters News

Sylvia said: “Underwater photography reflects us as a couple.

“We’re both ocean lovers and both passionate, so we wanted to portray this in our work.

“We love the dreamy, romantic, ethereal look, and this way we can put our own spin on it too.

“So with this shoot we brought bringing dance and yoga into the mix with the poses. Some of the girls are professional dancers.”

Brad admitted there are challenges that come with the trade – from expected weather to predators.

But once mastered, it serves as the way to contrast human nature with Mother Nature.

And the stunning snaps, which depict their subjects dancing and contorting their bodies in flexible poses, show this in spectacular fashion.

PIC FROM Brad Liber / Caters News

Brad said: “The elements really need to align to pull it off, we need to snorkel the areas beforehand and make sure there are no predatory eyes.

“It’s also really hard for the models, who need to look natural and beautiful despite and holding their breathe. Of course, we have a duty of care to them.

“It looks natural and easy, but it’s really difficult to even keep your dress from flowing all over the place. But their confidence improves every time.

PIC FROM Brad Liber / Caters News

“Then there’s the technical side of things. You need to be very careful with the cameras, because if any water gets in it becomes a very expensive shoot.”