As Cold As Ice! Drone Captures Incredible Ice Patterns On Frozen Lakes

A photographer used a drone to capture the incredible ice patterns created on frozen lakes.

Vadim Makhorov, 29, took the stunning wintery photographs at Baikal Lake in Russia earlier this year.

Vadim Makhorov/Caters News

He flew a drone over the body of water – the largest freshwater lake in the world – to capture light effects on the ice.

Vadim said: “We visited the most uncommon places around Baikal Lake.

“Baikal is covered by the ice during the winter and early spring, and this ice is unique because of the strong winds.

Vadim Makhorov/Caters News –

“The winds result in the ice being absolutely flat just like a skating rink, which makes Baikal the biggest skating rink in the world.

Vadim and his friends risked their lives to take the pictures when the ice cracked under their feet – but luckily lived to tell the tale and share the amazing pictures.

Vadim Makhorov/Caters News –

He added: “We really enjoyed the tour – it was real fun with lots of cool impressions.

“However, there was a moment when we got scared a bit as when we were shooting the light trail around the rock, the ice under our feet cracked.

Vadim Makhorov/Caters News –

“It is called a micro-crack – we didn’t see it, but we felt it.

“It was like a slight earthquake.”

Vadim Makhorov/Caters News –