Arctic surf-ie! Snapper captures stunning photographs showing daredevil surfing in freezing waters

A snapper has captured stunning photographs showing a daredevil surfing mountainside in the arctic waters.

Tom Archer was visiting the Lofoten Islands in Norway when he noticed a selection of surfers were taking to the icy waters.

Pic by @tomarcherphoto/Caters News

These awe-striking photographs show the daredevils surfing across the ocean, with the mountains setting the scene behind them.

Tom, 34, said: “I was exploring and photographing the Lofoten Islands for a personal project mainly with the Northern Lights.

Pic by @tomarcherphoto/Caters News

“I just happened to come across these surfers and spent an afternoon photographing them as the conditions were just so crazy.

“It was great to watch and to photograph and I have a lot of respect for these guys that are following their passion in such an extreme and uncomfortable environment.

Pic by @tomarcherphoto/Caters News

“The wide angle photo with the mountain behind and the surfer on the crest of the wave is my favourite.

“Because it shows the sheer scale and conditions of the day.

“I love the textures on the mountain in the background too.”