Arctic on ice – Photos show the Arctic from under the surface 

These images show how stunning the Arctic is on ice – but not for much longer.

The beautiful blue world just underneath the surface of the ocean holds an awesome array of colourful sea creatures.

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

Expeditions are currently racing to document under one of the planet’s most extreme surfaces and examine the changes taking place.

Scientists are concerned that with the planet warming up the creatures’ habitat is changing fast.

The alluring images were captured by Canadian photographer and videographer Jill Heinerth.

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

Jill, 52, said: “These shots were taken as a part of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society expedition called Arctic on the Edge, documenting the sea ice changes and how they are affecting the people and wildlife of the north.

“I had seen this region illustrated by famous Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris and was mesmerized by his oil paintings. To see it in person far exceeded that magical beauty.

“I realized it was also endangered and that mine would be the last generation to see this place carpeted with glaciers that are quickly dwindling.

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

“Diving in remote places is dangerous, but under the ice, alone in the Arctic in an overhead environment would be considered in the extreme risk category.

“Just getting out to the floe edge, you encounter risky ice conditions and terrestrial risks such as polar bears.

“We have to travel with a 24-hour indigenous bear safety expert to ensure that we don’t become part of the food chain.

“These same local people do their best to ensure that we make the safest route decisions each day on the melting ice.”

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

According to Jill the expedition to help document the changes in the environment just under the Artic ice floes as they begin to melt away more rapidly.

Jill said: “The polar region is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet. That means that our northern geography is changing faster than anywhere else on earth.

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

“The scientific journal Nature reported in April 2017 that the Arctic is 3°C warmer now than baseline data from 1971 to 2000.

“The evidence is clear. The Arctic is undergoing a massive transformation at a time when we have barely documented what lies at the interface between the sea rapidly depleting ice.

PIC BY Jill Heinerth / CATERS NEWS

“Arctic on the Edge takes a close look at the journey of sea ice and how it is transforming humanity and the natural world.”