Angel of the deep! Perfectly-timed bubbles create halo around diver’s head

By Jamie Smith

These perfectly-timed bubbles turned a diver into an angel of the deep by creating a halo around her head.

Mark Tilley, a boat captain from the Cayman Islands, snapped the incredible underwater shot in the waters of Grand Cayman.

The model, Coral Tomascik, can be seen ascending slowly through the ring of bubbles, which Mark created using air from his lungs.

The 33-year-old free-diving photographer said: “This day, we had been looking for sharks and dolphins offshore without much luck, so we tried to get some bubble ring shots in the blue.

“Coral looked like a halo-crowned angel of the deep.

Pic by Mark Tilley/Caters News –

“Her pose and the nature of the bubble ring itself as a perfect circular structure creates a lovely composition.

“I love capturing shots in many different underwater situations.

“My favourite captures are the unexpected ones.

“The backdrop of deep blue contrast combined with the elegant pose of the model makes for a lovely shot.