Amazing photos show sky diver ‘surfing’ wingsuit rider

These amazing photos show the moment a skydiver surfed on the back of a wingsuit rider.

The photos, which were taken in the sky above Contadora Island in Panama, show Robin Harris deploying his chute and carefully lining up with the back of a wingsuit rider before managing to ‘dock’ on.

Pics From Caters News

The incredible stunt was performed 13,500ft above the ocean after the group exited the aircraft.

Even though the stunt has been done by various skydivers before, the challenging trick is still considered the cutting edge of the sport – and for a very good reason.

Pics From Caters News

Jeff Donohue, who took the incredible images said: “It takes a very skilled parachutist flying a high-performance canopy, and a very skilled wingsuit pilot, typically flying a larger and higher performance wingsuit, to pull it off.

“The reason for this is the speeds and decent rate need to align, and that’s incredibly challenging.

Pics From Caters News

“They are both moving probably upward of 40 to 50mph forward, while also descending at 40 to 50 mph.

“That’s very fast for a canopy, and very slow – which is hard to do – for a wingsuit.”