Amazing images show extreme kayakers take on sheer drop down waterfalls

A series of images shows a daredevil kayaker as he takes on the sheer drop of a beautiful waterfall.

Taken by John Webster, 28, a freelance photographer based in the United States, the images show the two professional kayakers, Dane Jackson and Alec Voorhees, as they make their way along the river, in White Salmon, Washington.

Pic By John Webster/Caters News

John said: “Both of these waterfalls resemble the effort it takes to become a good, well-balanced kayaker.

“With style comes years of training and strength only a kayaker gets to dial in.

“I am always baffled by the fact that these guys can lay down some serious lines off of waterfalls of this magnitude and much higher.”

Pic By John Webster/Caters News

John likes to shoot a lot of outdoor sports, mostly in the mountains regarding the use of gravity, but on this occasions, the water was low due to less rainfall.

He said: “This drop requires a lot of timing and finesse due to the angle of the waterfall.

“The drop has been known to break backs if you drop over it incorrectly.

Pic By John Webster/Caters News

“At a certain window during the day, if the rains of the spring don’t prevent it from happening, a rainbow will appear at the waterfall.

“So Alec looks like he is going for the gold at the end of the rainbow.”