Amazing images of starlight under desert archways

Pic by Brad Goldpaint/Caters News 

A professional photographer captured these amazing images of the night sky under sandstone archways in the desert.

Brad Goldpaint, 35, from Mt. Shasta, California, specialises in landscape photography and traveled to the desert in Eastern Utah to take the captivating images.

He said: “I was fascinated by the unique desert landscapes of massive sandstone geological arch formations coupled with dark skies, free from most light pollution.”

Pic by Brad Goldpaint/Caters News 

The pictures show the natural, free-standing, red rock formation against the memorising milky way.

Brad said: “My favourite photo shows me under the Archway light to reveal its texture and detail because it allows the viewer to appreciate how massive the structures are in relation to the smallness of a human being.

“I try to capture the emotional aspect so a viewer can connect by coupling the complexities of the stars and planets with the environment.”

Pic by Brad Goldpaint/Caters News

Brad now has more projects up his sleeve and said:

“I’ve been working on a time-lapsed film called, ‘Illusion of Lights: A Journey Into the Unseen’ for the past 5 years.

“I hope the film inspires people to reconnect with the night and also to educate the public about the damaging effects of light pollution.”