Amazing illusions appear to show diver creating bonfire underwater

These fascinating underwater images are enough to make viewers double take, as they appear to show a diver making a BONFIRE underwater, its surface sheeted in freezing ice.

In the beautifully shot photographs, diver Jonna Villikka can be seen above the supposed fire, warming her hands and even appearing to cook a sausage on the flames.

The images, from Kaatiala Quarry, Central Finland, are all an illusion, though, set up and planned by photographer Pekka Tuuri, 56.

Pic by Pekka Tuuri / Caters

In order to create the shots, Pekka first began experimenting with dry ice, which, he said, was an easy way to control underwater bubbles, rather than the bursting bubbles from a diver’s regulator.

From there, he and Jonna built a makeshift bonfire underwater, using the dry ice to create and upsurge in bubbles and a torch with an orange filter to create the appearance of fire.

Then, Pekka joked, came the sausages.

He said: “We went to a gas station, bought a package of sausages and a stick.

“We nailed together a few pieces of wood and attached weights to them to keep them down on the bottom. The rest was easy.

“It did not take long to get the right shots

Pic by Pekka Tuuri / Caters

“Time was limited anyways, as the dry ice lasted only five minutes underwater.

“After the sausage session in shallow water, we dived down to 70 feet to take a few pictures in a small cavern, this time without sausages.

“A cavewoman from 10,000BC, warming her hands on an open fire.”

Despite taking the images in January of 2017, they have only come to prominence this year, as Pekka decided to enter them into a selection of photography competitions.

In doing so, the photographer, from Espoo, Finland, has received comments ranging from praise of his innovaition to Photoshop queries.

Pic by Pekka Tuuri / Caters

He said: “There is humour, there is innovation – it is easy to see what’s going on, but how did they achieve it?

“In these situations some people think it is fake, Photoshopped, and it is nice to tell them it is not.”