Amazing drone shots make abandoned bikes look like tulip fields

These remarkable drone shots show the mesmerising life cycle of bikes in China.

French-born photographer Mathias Guillin, 49, lives and works in Shanghai – where he took these stunning pictures with his drone.

Pic by Mathias Gullin/Caters News

His hypnotic photographs and footage show thousands of bikes that have been abandoned in such a way to make them look like massive tulip fields.

Shared bikes have flooded the Chinese streets, with over 1.5 million bikes in Shanghai alone. 

Dubbed the Uber for bikes, Bluegogo have had to backpedal after going bankrupt late last year leaving up to 700,000 bikes locked and unusable.

Pic by Mathias Gullin/Caters News

Mathias said: “I like graphic, structured pictures. So any shot with these clear lines are my favourites.

“The companies have saturated the streets of Shanghai with these bicycles and the government is removing them and storing them.

Pic by Mathias Gullin/Caters News

“It is sad to see such a waste of resources. Some of the bikes are piled up and probably not reusable in the future.”