Air force pilot flies right through aurora, capturing stunning images!

This fortunate air force pilot couldn’t believe his luck as he captured a series of stunning photographs while flying right through the NORTHERN LIGHTS.

Ross Franquemont’s once-in-a-lifetime shots include an amazing selfie, where the green natural light can be seen reflecting on the pilot’s helmet and swirling around outside the cockpit window.

In others, 40-year-old Ross managed to photograph straight down the line of his U-2 Dragon Lady plane’s wings, the aurora dancing across the sky in the distance.

What made the moment even more special for Ross was that he had never even seen the Northern Lights before.

The scenes unfolded while he was flying over Canada in late February, though, given his profession, the pilot couldn’t provide too specific locations or dates.

Extreme Ross Photography / Caters

Ross’ spy plane was travelling at around 500 mph at an altitude of around 70,000 feet, making shooting images of the constantly moving natural phenomenon extremely difficult.

Off the back of publishing his images, the air force has received a number of inquires from those interested in flying U-2s, Ross said.

Ross, from Lenoir, North Carolina, USA, added: “What fascinates me most about aerial photography, especially from the U-2, is the reaction it gets from other people.

“The reaction has been incredible to say the least.

“We have more interest in pilots looking to come fly the U-2.

“Probably one of the best feelings came from my co-workers, many of whom have flown this exact same flight.

“‘Finally someone was able to capture it,’ one of them put it.

“Seeing an image from a U-2, is kind of a first step toward that bigger picture and I think it evokes a small sense of overview effect in each person that views it.

Extreme Ross Photography / Caters

“I’d love to take everyone up to see for themselves, but we’ll have to wait for Virgin Galactic and hopefully others to start taking the public up.”