Ain’t no stopping this volcano! Amazing pictures of five-month icelandic eruption

These are the amazing pictures capturing the immense lava-fields and sulphuric ash cloud of the Holuhraun eruption in the Icelandic Highlands.

Volcano Erupting for Over a Year

A lava field made from the Holuhraun eruption in Iceland

The volcano started erupting on 29th August 2014 and is still ongoing, producing a lava-field spanning over 80 kilometres.

Volcano Erupting for Over a Year

Despite erupting since August 2014, the volcano is still spewing lava from its bubbling hot core

Lava over 12 metres thick is seeping out of the volcano while the concentration of sulphur dioxide has, at times, been so high that the Icelandic authorities have urged local residents to stay indoors.

Volcano Erupting for Over a Year

The high amount of sulphur dioxide has even stopped locals from leaving their homes

Icelandic scientists are uncertain about what the future may hold for the eruption.

Volcano Erupting for Over a Year

Dutch photographer, Robert Meerding, took the stunning images from a plane

Some predict it could go on for a matter of months while others argue it could develop into a potentially more disruptive ash-producing eruption.

The pictures were taken by Dutch photographer, Robert Meerding, in October during two flights in a six-person fixed wing aircraft.

As the photographs were taken over two flights, Robert has brilliantly captured the magnificence of the eruption.

The daytime pictures show the incredible scope of the ash cloud while the evening snaps show off the lava-field in all its glory.

Robert said: “We flew along the edge of the lava field so we had a good view of the eruption itself. It was a bumpy ride. The lava emits so much heat that there’s naturally a lot of turbulence.

“To me it was an amazing experience, especially the evening flight.

“As the sun sets you can see lava glowing that you can’t see at daylight and the light emitted by the eruption itself is amazing too.

“What surprised me was the viscosity of the lava: it looked like boiling water and it moved at an incredible speed.

“I can see why it might be a scary experience for some people but, for me, it was thrilling. I loved every minute of it.”