Eye of the tiger! Haunting snaps of abandoned boxing ring from rocky films!

BY Johnny Joo/ Caters News

These are the haunting pictures showing the abandoned boxing ring used in Rocky films.

The Blue Horizon, a historic boxing venue in Philadelphia, was closed in 2010 and has remained untouched ever since.

The iconic boxing ring was immortalised in the film Rocky V, with some of the fight scenes with Tommy Morrison being filmed there.

The venue formerly held 1,500 seats, and was voted the number one boxing venue in the world by The Ring magazine.

PIC FROM Caters News

The abandoned old boxing ring was caught on camera by urban explorer Johnny Joo, from Ohio.

Johnny, 26, said: “Staring the ring down I felt like a cat hyped on catnip, in a room full off dangling red and blue yarn.

“It may have been the fact that I was given the opportunity to photograph an incredibly historic space, standing in the place where many great and famous fighters, actors, actresses once did.

PIC BY Johnny Joo/ Caters News

“It may have also been the fact that I was limited to a 30 minute window to capture this amazing place, knowing that the city would be in within the week to continue deconstruction of the entire venue to make way for a parking garage.”

In 2011, the venue was bought by West Philadelphia developer Mosaic Development Partners, who planned to build an $18 million hotel and restaurant complex. In July 2013, Mosaic’s planned called for the venue to be demolished to make way for a parking garage.

Johnny added: “I find it so insane that someone can even conceive the idea in their head of covering historically significant beauty with a parking garage.

“It’s like the city is dumping pieces of its resume into a toilet.”

PIC BY Johnny Joo/ Caters News