House of the dead – the creepiest funeral home you’ll ever see

Pic by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

This is a real house of the dead – as forgotten artefacts lie strewn across a 150-year-old abandoned funeral home.

The building in Jacksonville, Florida, was once the city’s oldest continually operating funeralparlour.

It was established by successful businessman Calvin Oak in 1856, and changed hands several times before it was moved in 2013. The building was left to rot.

The pictures reveal a collection of slowly decaying coffins, old music books from previous services, a broken chandelier hanging in front of a dilapidated staircase, old empty bottles of liquids used to treat and dress dead bodies, and even a Cadillac hearse.

Pic by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

All of the furniture in the entrance halls and chapel is rotting and covered with a thick layer of dust.

The photographer, who publishes under the name Abandoned South East, said: “I heard about it through word of mouth.

“I was truly amazed at the amount of artefacts left inside, most of which were almost 100 years old, if not older. There were photos, cancelled cheques, paperwork, all of which was from the early 1900s.

Pic by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

“The most interesting thing I saw was a daily log book from 1895-1898. Back then burials were only $6.

“The musty mould smell from the water damage was overpowering. The place was very dark since the windows were boarded shut, and it gave off a very creepy vibe as I wandered through it.

“Parts of the upstairs floor were severely rotten and I feel through to my hip while standing in one room. Luckily I caught myself before I tumbled through the entire floor.

Pic by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

“While I was standing in the garage admiring the old Cadillac hearse, a homeless man came staggering out of the car which made me jump as I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in it.

“I want to preserve history through photos of places that were left behind.”

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