A Sea Of Rays – Manta Ray Migration Creates Mind-boggling Images

One of the largest schools of manta rays have been caught on camera, turning a popular dive site into a mesmerising pool of life, with hundreds of the aptly named ‘devil rays’ migrating.

Named due to the horn like fins on their heads, the harmless rays allowed divers to swim above them, capturing the layers of ‘devil fish’ making their way through Mexico.

PIC FROM Jay Clue / Caters News

Conservationist and dive instructor,  Jay Clue said of his photos, “The photos and videos were taken on 23 April, 2019 off the coast of Baja California Sur Mexico, about 2 hours north of Los Cabos.

“We were on our way back into the marina when we spotted some mobula rays jumping from the water.

“We decided to go check it out and jumped in the water – the school was enormous and numbering in the thousands.

PIC FROM Jay Clue / Caters News

“The school started from a few meters below the surface and went down almost 15 meters deep/tall of rays.

“They were swimming in a slow moving circle with so many of them moving in unison, it was creating big flat circles on the oceans surface – it was incredible.

“They weren’t afraid of us and seemed to almost welcome us into their group. “

PIC FROM Jay Clue / Caters News