A rainbow bridge! ‘once in a lifetime’ snap captures incredible rainbow rise out of water


This ‘once in a lifetime’ snap shows the moment a ferry sailed past a stunning double rainbow that sat so low in the sky that it appeared to rise out of the water like a bridge.

Roger Jepson had spent days in torrential rain in a hide hoping to photograph an otter when the perfectly-formed rainbow appeared over Fishnish Port, Isle of Mull, on September 6.

Moments later a second rainbow started to form below the first, creating a burst of vibrant colours that cut through the grey skies and kissed the surface of the water at both ends.

After having to rush back to the car and change his camera lens, 63-year-old Roger managed to get a perfectly-timed shot of a ferry chugging past the striking phenomenon.

Ironically, despite originally setting out to photograph otters, Roger only managed to catch the behind of one elusive critter as it fled.

But the photographer claims the amazing reactions to his rainbow shots made his wait in the downpour worthwhile.

Retired power station worker Roger from Llanidloes in Powys, Wales, said: “I’d spent two days in a damp, cold hide in the torrential rain waiting to get some photos of the otters.

“But the weather was that bad that they were all either hiding away or out in the warmth of the water. I did see one but only managed to catch it running away from me.

“Then I started to see this rainbow forming high up but I had left my other lenses in the car. I wasn’t going to get them until I saw this second rainbow forming. I have never seen one that low before.

“It was so bright, especially against such a grey sky. It looked just like a rainbow bridge.


“I rushed to the car to change my lens. I was just praying it would stay around for long enough for me to get some photos.

“I managed to get some perfectly-timed shots of the ferry sailing past. I am so lucky it stuck around. It was there for quite a while in the end.

“I wasn’t sure how special the photos was until I showed it to other photographers. Everyone has said how amazing it is and they’ve never seen anything like it. It seems like a real once in a lifetime photo.”

The beautiful shot was captured by Roger using a Canon 1DX camera and a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens

Roger got into photography three years ago after a shoulder injury put an end to his old hobby, golf.

While his main focus is aviation photography, Roger has also shown a flare for taking wildlife and nature shots.


The amateur snapper now loves nothing more than getting in his camper van and travelling across the country to pursue the hobby which is becoming an ‘obsession’.

Roger said: “I have always taken pictures with point and shoot cameras but I never got into photography until a few years ago when I wrecked my shoulder and couldn’t play gold any more.

“But it is very quickly taking over my life, it has become a bit of an obsession. I love travelling all over the country.

“I just get in my camper van and go and grab a few hours’ sleep so I can get up early.


“Nature photography was meant to be a bit of a side project but it is getting more and more prevalent.”