A good egg: Hidden secret of giant golden egg which holds a sauna for 8 people and wood stove


THIS giant egg holds a golden secret – it is a portable sauna with enough room for eight people.

Visitors to the show-stopping spa room in Sweden are able to enjoy a unique sauna experience as they warm up in temperatures reaching 85 Celsius.

Pic by Solar Egg/Caters News

Standing five metres high and four metres wide, the Solar Egg has a shell of gold-plated stainless steel that reflects the city and surrounding countryside.

Consisting of 69 separate pieces, the installation can be taken down and moved to different locations within the city. Inside, heat is provided by a heart-shaped wood-fired burner.

The public art exhibition was designed by artistic duo Bigert and Bergstrom on commission by developer Riksbyggen.

Pic by Solar Egg/Caters News –

It was designed to draw attention to the regeneration of the city of Kiruna with the view of becoming a tourist hotspot.

Artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström said: “Saunas are places that fascinate. When Riksbyggen asked us to interpret Kiruna, we felt it was natural to explore a space that unites and encourages conversation.

“Saunas are sacrosanct places where you can discuss all manner of things – from the big to the small.”

Pic by Solar Egg/Caters News

The egg will go on tour in Paris later this week.

For three weeks, starting November 25, Parisians will get the chance to experience both Swedish design and sauna traditions.

The Solar Egg was recently recognised with a Red Dot and German Design Award. It has been nominated for the London International Awards and the Swedish Design Prize.

Pic by Solar Egg/Caters News

You can book the sauna online HERE.