A cloud of smoke – Photographer captures stunning image of fire-breathing dragon in clouds

This photographer could not believe his eyes when he captured a FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON in the clouds above.

In Joe Moxley’s stunning shots, the head of the dragon can be seen emerging from the clouds beneath, a stream of flames shooting from the beast’s mouth.


Adding to the illusion created in the night sky over Lake Travis, Lago Vista, Texas, was the fact that the setting sun helped illuminate the cloud formation, too, the reds and orange hues bringing the flames to life.

Joe, 47, snapped the image earlier this month [October 13] but it wasn’t until recently that he began to gain the plaudits he deserved when a friend posted the shot on their Facebook page.


Joe, from Lago Vista, Texas, said: “As the sun started to set, I noticed an interesting cloud formation that continued to evolve into the image of a fire-breathing dragon. 

“It was exciting to see how it materialised and I was able to get some great shots that depicted the dragon fire turning into purple smoke.

“What fascinates me with capturing images of interesting sunsets is how quickly the colours and shapes change. 

“You can get something different from one second to the next and then it’s gone.”