A cave to fall in love with: Stunning cave makes sunlight shine through in heart shape twice a year

A stunning cave where sunlight shines through in a heart shape twice a year is worth falling in love with.

The secluded Kameiwa Cave in Chiba prefecture, Japan, may look like an ordinary location, but it shows off its real beauty biannually.

28Lab / Caters News

During a two-week period around the vernal equinox in March and September, early morning light shining through the rock formation creates a heart shaped reflection.

Bouncing off the shimmering water, the babbling creek and surrounding vegetation are mirrored.

28Lab / Caters News

The cave was dug out in the Edo period (1603 – 1868) so water could be diverted into nearby paddy fields.

It had remained a local treasure until 2015 when it gained Instagram notoriety, leading to an explosion in visitors.