Iconic World War II gun towers face disappearing into the ocean

By Becca Husselbee

A World War II sea fort could be lost to the ocean if vital repairs are not completed soon.

The Thames Sea Forts were built in the 1940s off the coast of Whitstable, Kent, and are the last in a long history of British Marine Defences.

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

During the war, snipers based on the forts shot down 22 planes and 30 flying bombs but the guns were later removed and the fort has been left abandoned since 1952.

Keen photographer, Margaret McEwan, 52, from Sandhurst, Berkshire had always dreamed of getting close to the sea forts since she was a child.

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

She said: “It was a dream come true when I was able to make contact with the group of Trustees from the Redsands Project.

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

“They hope to restore the fort and they allowed me the opportunity to climb one of the towers.

“Sadly due to a lack of funding for essential repairs, it’s likely that they will eventually disappear into the sea and be lost forever.”

Margaret works full-time for an adventure tour operator but has a passion for photography in her spare time.

She said: “I am currently doing a photo 365 project which means I am challenging myself to take a photograph every day of the year.

PIC BY Margaret McEwan / CATERS NEWS

“It’s a really difficult challenge when I am busy or if I am travelling abroad and don’t always have access to the internet, but so far I have kept on track and we are over half way through the year with over 240 photos taken so far.”