Sleigh ride – Cool runnings inspired skydive

By Ellie Duncombe

These four friends enjoyed a real life Santa’s sleigh ride – skydiving in a bobsleigh formation 10,000ft in the air.

Inspired by the Cool Runnings movie and the Jamaican national bobsleigh team, the jumpers grabbed hold of each other as they leapt from the plane.

Arranging themselves into a ‘sitting’ line of four, pictures and video from a helmet cam show them shooting through the skies above Alberta, Canada.

Eugene Gretskyi / Caters News

They were able to free fall in the formation for 30 seconds, before breaking away to open their parachutes.

The footage was taken by 31-year-old concrete finisher Eugene Gretskyi. He was joined by pals Terence Lee Dickinson, Evan Rader and Riley Moore.

Each of them have around 200 jumps under their belts.

Eugene said: “We love the movie Cool Runnings. That’s where we got our inspiration.

Eugene Gretskyi / Caters News

“We were extra excited about this jump. We had tons of fun and a real blast! What else would you feel falling from the skies holding onto your friends at 201mph?

“We practiced the exit in a ‘dirt dive’ on the ground before giving it a go, and accomplished the jump at the second attempt.”