12 babies of christmas! Mum imagines baby’s festive dreams

PIC BY Marta Rojni/ Caters News

An imaginative mum has made her baby’s festive dreams come true – by turning them into a reality while he sleeps.

Marta Rojnič, from Serbia, places baby Marko in these incredible dream worlds by using linen and towels to recreate what he might be dreaming.

The devoted mum’s creations include Marko taking a sleigh ride, decorating a Christmas tree, visiting the moon and even riding a reindeer.

Marta started her masterpieces when Marko was just two weeks old and 15 months later she still loves making the adventures – despite him being completely oblivious.

PIC BY Marta Rojni/ Caters News

The 28-year-old said: “December is always a special time of year, but since Marko was born our Christmas atmosphere became even more magical, colourful and cheerful.

“When Marko was four months old, I started a tradition of capturing his festive dreams which are a part of his dreamy adventures photo series.

“I find inspiration from everything, for example last year Marko played with a snow globe and later that day he fell asleep and dreamt of it.

“Then I was there to visualise his dreams with linens and beddings and then capture everything with my camera.

“I hope that when Marko gets a little older, these dreamy adventures will be his favourite bedtime stories.

“When he’s fully grown up he will be able to look back as think of them as dear childhood memories which will remind him to never fully grow up and lose his curiosity, playfulness and imagination.

PIC BY Marta Rojni/ Caters News

The mum-of-one has now created over 60 dreams for Marko, but insists she’s not short of inspiration.

She added: “In the beginning, he hardly took up any room on the bed so I had enough space to do anything I imagined.

PIC BY Marta Rojni/ Caters News

“Now, as he’s grown, I have to adjust my ideas to fit in comparison to Marko’s size on the bed.

“People often ask me how hard it is to make these photographs and how much time it takes.

“It’s not really that challenging and the whole action takes about 15 minutes.

“I’m always very careful not to wake him up, everything is done in the calm and cosy atmosphere of the bed on which he is otherwise napping.”

PIC BY Marta Rojni/ Caters News