Now that’s a hangover! Rock climber grips on tight using only his feet!

A daredevil climber decided hanging from a cliff the standard way was just not enough of a thrill. Photographer Raphaela Brand, 32 from Cape Town, South Africa captured Athlete, Matt Bush’s incredible stunt on Boxing ... read more>>

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Eye of the tiger! Haunting snaps of abandoned boxing ring from rocky films!

These are the haunting pictures showing the abandoned boxing ring used in Rocky films. The Blue Horizon, a historic boxing venue in Philadelphia, was closed in 2010 and has remained untouched ever since. The iconic boxing ring was immortalised in the film Rocky V, with some of the fight scenes with Tommy Morrison being filmed there. The venue formerly held ... read more>>

Photographs of rust-ridden power station that is now a movie set for many films!

Eerie footage of the abandoned power station used in blockbuster TRANSFORMERS has been released. Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Heerlen in the Netherlands snapped the rust-ridden plant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Since shutting down, the plant's unusual, derelict appearance has been used in several films, most notably Michael Bay's film Transformers: R... read more>>