Stunning pictures show fighter jet producing fluffy vapour trails!

These stunning images show the moment a fighter jet produced captivating vapour trails overhead. Daron Lomax, 41, captured the American F15 from RAF Lakenheath in Snowdonia, Wales, last week. Daron, a HGV Instructor from Warw... read more>>

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Photographer captures breathtaking aerial shots of all 50 US states

An award-winning travel photographer has captured a series of breathtaking aerial shots after visiting all 50 US states. Chase Guttman, who at just 20-years-old has already achieved more than most, has spent the last two years honing his drone skills and after travelling across the USA has taken an impressive collection of images showing America as you've never... read more>>

Incredible halo rainbow phenomenon surround shadows of plane captured in clouds!

This is the moment an incredible rainbow HALO surrounded the shadow of a plane in the clouds above Europe. The shadowy image of the plane high above the clouds was circled by a colourful halo - produced by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. The stunning snap was taken by photographer Julia Sundukova, from Russia, during a flight t... read more>>