Homeless teen uses camera to get himself off the streets, becoming award-winning wedding photographer

These breathtaking wedding snaps were captured by a once-homeless photographer, who used his gifts to get off the streets and to pick up countless awards. Carsten Schertzer’s images burst with beauty, and thanks to his ... read more>>

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When nature takes over: Abandoned America where nature has reclaimed its crown

These abandoned buildings have become a thing of beauty - after being derelict for so long that mother nature has reclaimed the site. Photographer Johnny Joo, from Cleveland, Ohio, has travelled the United States photographing derelict sites - from fairgrounds to shopping malls. The resulting set of images capture an unexpected beauty in the crumbling struct... read more>>

Rainbow waterfall - Falls burst into colour in dawn light

By Michael Scott  Is this the most magical sunrise? The first rays of light from the sun bounced off the spray in California's Yosemite Falls, turning the entire waterfall into a cascading rainbow. Amazing footage shows rare high winds whipping up the spray as the full spectrum of colours is spread down the rock face. Photographer Greg Harlow was wai... read more>>