By Lucy Harvey

This amazing gallery shows a brave diver defying freezing temperatures by swimming underneath huge icebergs.

Tobias Friedrich, 39, an underwater photographer from Germany, captured the photos of Anna von Boetticher, a freediver, in Tasiilaq, East-Greenland.

The pair said although challenging, it was a unique experience and that they enjoyed swimming in the -27C icy water.

Tobias said: “It was definitely impressive to see these large structures and forms of icebergs from a view where you usually don’t see them at all.

“The water was minus two degrees Celsius, which made the working time very short of course. Especially for Anna as she was only wearing a 6mm neopren suit, while I had a full dry suit.”

Anna von Boetticher , 49, added: “It was very challenging because we had to spend a long time out on the ice, waiting in very cold conditions with temperatures as low as -27C with the wind chill factor but I loved it immediately.

“The first time I dived through the small hole and saw the landscape under the ice I felt like I had gone through a door into another universe.

“It was a bizarre world of black and white, light and shadows, it simply blew me away. I felt exposed and tiny.

“To dive under ice is challenging and not without risk, because the way to the surface is only possible through the holes we cut.

“Normally, we always dive with a rope to make sure to be able to find the exit again at all times. However, it wasn’t possible for me to swim around the icebergs with a rope, I might have got caught, a risk in itself.”

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