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Caters currently represent a large network of content partners from regional newspapers, picture and video agencies, stock libraries and publishing houses – we market and sell their content to publications and broadcasters worldwide. Our team of journalists have the experience and skills needed to enhance the editorial potential of your content, we carefully package previously unseen sets of images, video footage or regional news articles and turn them into international news stories or viral sensations. If you’re looking for an outlet for your content in the UK or any other country worldwide why not get in touch and see what Caters can do for you.

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If you're interested in finding out more about how Caters can help you, drop us an email; or call us on +44 (0)121 616 1100.

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Adrian Lam - Deputy Managing Editor - New York Daily News.


"Caters has become one of my go to providers when I am looking for content that is outside the box. The stories and photos they provide are unique and quirky.  Caters has always been a pleasure to deal with. They are always professional and are always there to answer any questions I have about content. I would recommend Caters to anyone who works in the news business."

Kathrin Kosaca - Deputy Editor in Chief - VIEW


"To work with Caters is amazing. Their images and stories are unique which is exactly what we are looking for. Caters' kind, cooperative and helpful service is remarkable."

Nick Buckley - Head of News - The Sunday Mirror.


"Caters Agency is one of Britain's premier news agencies. Reliable, informed and first with the news....little moves in their patch without them knowing."

Paul Saunders - Picture Editor - The Times


"Caters always provide a fast and professional service, and constantly come up with picture ideas that help to lift our news pages. They are always first to call with breaking stories giving me peace of mind that I will get the best available coverage from the midlands. Their deals with foreign agencies add depth to their coverage making them indispensable. The Times"

The Mail Online


"Caters News agency produces a first class service and the team has its finger on the pulse of what the current news markets require. Copy is always produced to a high standard and, where appropriate, is complemented by a high-quality relevant picture package. Both picture and photo desks are very accommodating and strive to answer queries clearly and concisely."

The Mail Online is the online version of The Daily Mail

Jo Terry - Owner/Managing Director - Picture Media


"Picture Media's six year partnership with Caters News has been one of the great assets in building our reputation as the go-to agency in Australia and New Zealand for magazines, newspapers, book publishers, ad agencies, corporates and online sites seeking everything from exclusive features to travel spreads and conversation-stopping one-shots editors love, or news from places we'd never heard of. As an industry veteran, they know a great photo when they see it and they understand the need for 24/7 speed in the highly competitive environment we operate in. Their team's professionalism - and sense of humour!- still count for a lot in this business."

Jocelyne Manfredi - Sipa Press

Sipa Press

Since Caters News has been collaborating with Sipa Press, the agency has become a highly valued partner. Caters can always be relied upon to provide great photo-stories from superb animal images to unusual and quirky pictures. Whether it be crazy inventions, human interest or striking landscapes, all photo features are accompanied by well-written texts giving us a great package to market.

Jocelyne Manfredi is the Foreign Editor for Sipa Press, France