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At Caters we not only help publish your images in newspapers and magazines across the UK but our syndication team bring your story and pictures to an international audience. With offices in the UK and US we work directly with the world’s most renowned newspapers, magazines and news channels. And with great links with agencies in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan – who maximise sales where we can’t – we can reach a worldwide audience with the click of a button. Our enviable reputation for original, quirky and cutting edge material, dedicated team of journalists and firm links with the world’s media means we’re best placed to ensure maximum exposure and earnings for your content. If you choose to syndicate your images or video content through Caters you will also benefit from our state-of-the art bespoke online content system which enables you to login and see your content in your very own ‘my clips’ section of the site and also enables you to track collected sales of your content. If you have a video or picture you think would make for a good story and are interested in working with us get in touch! You can either fill out the form below, drop us an email; or give us a call on +44(0)121 616 1100.

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If you're interested in finding out more about how Caters can help you, drop us an email; or call us on +44 (0)121 616 1100.

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David Jenkins

Shark Loses a Tooth

I always knew I had a great collection of wildlife photos but did not have the time or the knowledge of how best to market them until Caters News agency spotted one of my photos on the internet. They made contact about syndicating the images for me and within 6 months my work appeared in many newspapers and magazines worldwide, on CNN International and ABC News in the USA. One of my images of Great White shark hunting was even on the cover of TIME magazine - you can't get much better than that! Thank you Caters!

David Cavan

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

I have worked with Caters after they contacted me about some photos I had taken. I was initially cautious, but they were open and honest about the process. Once we agreed everything, they took care of everything and made it very simple! The whole way along the line I was expecting to be let down, but every time they promised something, they followed through and gave me massive exposure to the photos I had taken. Won't hesitate using them again and suggest you shouldn't either!

David Cavan is a professional photographer specialising in Wedding and Documentary photography.

Kutub Uddin

Lunch time chameleon

I'm A Macro and Nature photographer. I'm from Bangladesh but Live in England. From last 2 years i'm working with Caters News Agency. So many pictures of mine published in International newspapers and Magazines. One of the team invited me to work with them. They are very good. Most important thing is they give really good % split. I really want to give them thanks for everything.

Kutub is always a pleasure to work with and a great nature photographer.

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Jay Fine

1WTC natural light tribute

I have nothing but positive things to say about working with the great folks from Caters. Everyone I have dealt with has worked tirelessly to promote and distribute my photography and keep me up-to-date on sales. When I needed to distribute my Statue of Liberty and Lightning photo Caters moved with amazing speed to get the image in newspapers, on-line news services and on network television around the world.

Jay Fine is a New York City based photographer.

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Karin Brussaard


I was lucky enough to come into contact with Caters News Agency and I couldn't be happier with their co-operation and enthusiasm. Their network of international contacts allow my work to be published all over the world. My favorite thing about working with Caters is the way they take care of everything which allows me to fully concentrate on my own work.

Karin Brussaard is a marine photographer from The Netherlands.

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Nicolaus Wegner

Beauty and the beast images

Worked with Caters last year and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I was approached about licensing some of my severe weather/human interaction photography. Usually I just get emails from companies like the weather channel and discovery trying to get my material for free (apparently many of these major sites rely on the vanity of individuals or something anymore), but Caters offered a fair licensing deal. Figured why not. In the end, I walked away with a good impression of Caters News Agency. If you are approached by Caters for your photos or story, I can attest to their legitimacy.

Nicolaus and his wife Daow are wedding and portrait photographers based in Wyoming, USA, with a passion for nature and storm chasing.



I was contacted by Caters News Agency regarding photos of mine. I have been very pleased with their service thus far. They give detailed answers on my questions, reply immediately to any of my messages, and are always kind and approachable in her replies.

Chutinun Mora


Caters contacted me via email about my jumping shark photo. I’m very new to this, so I had tons of questions.They were answered quickly and clearly. We had a very quick and smooth working process. I definitely recommend anyone who looking for a media representative. I will let them handle my next awesome photos for sure.

Getting all the relevant information for a story can occasionally be a long-winded process. This was not the case with Chutinun, she was a pleasure to work with, answered all of my questions without delay and provided me with some amazing pictures and I am glad they did well in the press. I would work with Chutinun again in a heartbeat.